Hellas Verona Academy

Hellas Verona Academy is a project that aims to combine the skills and passion of the entire Club with the intention of growing and helping realities from all over the world, fostering the improvement of sports culture and beyond. Through training and dialogue with the coaches, managers, parents and institutions involved.

Hellas Verona represents football and embodies the values of the city of Verona, which is known worldwide for the most famous love story ever, that of Romeo and Juliet. A city that lives and cultivates culture, music and wine.


The Hellas Verona philosophy starts from a fundamental cornerstone: human relationships. It seeks to ensure that each component of the project can grow, through continuous dialogue, with constant telematic meetings, on-site meetings or the possibility of being hosted at Hellas Verona facilities. These moments of contact touch and will touch on all issues concerning the growth of a club or a player, from the Technical-Tactical, Athletic-Motor, Psychological-Relational, Managerial-Managerial and Socio-Cultural components.

This method of work must adapt and respect the cultural differences of each of our Academies in order to be able to best convey what our mission is and be able to convey it in the best way.

This methodology is based on a fundamental concept of sharing and respect, which will also allow Hellas Verona to progress and find new educational ways and develop together with the Academies.


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